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Being A Lawyer Pros And Cons [Advantages & Disadvantages]

Being a lawyer pros and cons: Is being a lawyer hard this is the common question which is heard by most of the upcoming lawyers so today I decided to write an article on being a lawyer. Every field has its own pros and its own cons same as law field has also its pros and cons. Before starting our topic, first of all, I want to clear some myths and misconceptions about being a lawyer. Oftenly you see one of the personal injury attorneys on the TV promising hundreds of thousands of dollars as your part of settlements. Many times you read in the newspaper that a certain person has received millions of dollars for spilling hot coffee on themselves from a  restaurant. These are examples that make lawyers look bad and create their negative image in public.

being a lawyer pros and cons
being a lawyer pros and cons

Being a lawyer pros and cons

Advantages of being a lawyer

Following are the advantages of being a lawyer

1. Self-confidence

Law field gives you the self-confidence to any person who is willing to be confident. Lawyers know their rights and obligations so that is why they are so confident in their routine life because they know their limits and restrictions.

2. High rewards

Lawyer takes high rewards for their services. Law field is one of the expensive fields in this world.

3. Respect in society

Lawyers enjoy a lot of respect in society in every corner of the world. They do works for the people and provides them relief by giving their services. Everyone makes them feel special because of their work and high status.

4. Change in way of thinking

Legal books change the way of thinking of any lawyer in the world. Lawyers are the most critical and deep thinkers they saw anything in different aspects.

5. Development of mind

Practicing in the law field and reading legal books developed their mind more than any other professional.

6. Experience in various fields of life

Lawyers meet various people in routine and listen to their problems for solutions and after spending some years in law field they become experienced in various fields of life.

7. Satisfaction

Lawyers feel satisfied after providing relief to their client. Because the litigation process is so deep and lengthy that anyone can easily give up but they work hard and give it an end.

8. New horizons of jobs

Lawyers have various opportunity to apply in the law field for amazing jobs.

Disadvantages of being a lawyer

Following are the disadvantages of being a lawyer

1. Expenses

Legal education is one of the most difficult and expensive education all over the world. For becoming a lawyer you have to bear expenses of legal education. Many universities all over the world offer different kinds of scholarships for legal education but still, it is the most expensive.

2. Boring life

Lawyers spend their time in court or in their office are they have a few time for their personal life and family or friends. Their schedule of the day is limited to their work and clients.

3. Stress

Lawyers bear a lot of stress because of the busy schedules they have no or sometimes a very few time for fun.

4. Difficult litigation processes

While discussing the lawyer pros and cons, difficult litigation process is a very big con of being a lawyer. Legal processes are so deep and difficult that they give most of their time on them.

5. Competitive job markets.

The market is saturated with lawyers they face a lot of competition while trying to earn some for their families.

Myths about being a lawyer

1. Becoming a lawyer is guaranteed to make you rich.

This is probably one of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to becoming a lawyer. Many people forget that it often costs over a thousand dollars in tuition to become a lawyer. So even if a lawyer out of school is fortunate to get a good paying job they are still paying off huge student loans. You may also be surprised to hear that many lawyers in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh etc are working for $500-$1000. Not nearly as wealthy as you originally thought huh?

2. A lawyer must be a good arguer.

Lawyers on TV  channels are always shown as hot-headed people who finish arguments. In real life, you must be cool-headed. Try to pull half the stunts in a real courtroom as is seen on TV and you find yourself held in contempt. Good lawyers argue with facts with evidence, not with emotion.

3. You will be in a courtroom all day.

This is totally wrong 95% of cases are settled before even stepping foot into a courtroom. Lawyers likely spend more time to file paperwork then time spent in the courtroom.

4. Lawyers receive a new challenge every day.

This might be the second most misconceived fact about a lawyer. Ask any lawyer and they will tell you that 90% of cases are related with just a few details changed for each one. It’s the same type of argument and the biggest challenge is attempting to get a better settlement for each case. It’s not all that often if ever you will find yourself in court being covered by the TV stations

Each one of the 4 myths outlined above is commonly misunderstood by the public. Before you decide to judge lawyers please keep these myths in mind. Remember that every profession has someone who makes the entire group look bad and have its own pros and cons.

So, being a lawyer these were some pros and cons which i personally felt in my personal life as a lawyer. After reading this hopefully, you will now understand the pros and cons of being a lawyer.

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  1. Absolutely true. There is virtually no time of a lawyer for his own,his family, friends and close associates , barring committed social work. So misunderstanding occurs amongst family , friends and close associates frequently.

  2. Yes it is stressful for a law yer as the client comes to a lawyer with the hope of getting his issues sorted out and pours all his difficulties into the lawyers hands. Now the lawyer has tostudy the matter and upkeep to the expectation of the client. So all this involves a lot of time.

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